Former Superliga club close to bankruptcy

With millions in debt and on the brink of further relegation, FC Vestsjælland is having a bad year

Danish professional club FC Vestsjælland, which is also known as FCV Vikings, is on the brink of bankruptcy.

The club is struggling with a deficit that runs into millions of kroner, and it risks being shut down if it does not raise enough money by the end of the year.

“It is very serious and we are working hard to raise money,” Gert Hansen, the club’s chief executive, told TV2 Sport.

Hansen did not say where he will get the money from, though.

Bad season for the Vikings
The former Superliga club is currently playing in the Danish first division, and according to the manager, it is mainly the relegation that caused the club’s financial problems.

The team has won only two of its 17 games this season, and it is currently occupying last place in the first division, awaiting a further relegation.