Male descendants of non-Western immigrants commit the most crimes in Denmark

An expert calls the numbers “alarming”

A new report from Danmarks Statistik shows the number of crimes committed by male descendants of non-Western immigrants has surged.

In 2014, the male descendants of non-Western immigrants averaged 252 on the crime index – a six percent increase on the previous year and 152 percent higher than the average for the entire male population in Denmark.

The same group also scored highest for traffic crimes, armed crime and drug-related crimes.

Education gap
Aydin Soei, a sociologist and author of several books on migrant youth, has called the figures “alarming”.

“There is an educational gap among ethnic minorities and it is reflected in the labour market,” Soei told DR.

“Many live in vulnerable communities and tend to see themselves as social outsiders.”

According to the data, men with Lebanese origins scored the highest on the crime index.