More births in Copenhagen after financial crisis

Meanwhile, the birth rate has decreased nationally

Nationally, fewer children have been born since the effects of the financial crisis started to lessen a couple of years ago, but in Copenhagen, the opposite is the case.

Last year, 7,000 fewer children were born nationwide compared to 2006, while 800 more were born in Copenhagen compared to eight years ago.

“It’s a typical mechanism that young people move into the city and then move out again once they start having kids,” Hans Skifter Andersen, a professor at Aalborg University who specialises in urban social development, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“The financial crisis meant that many young people stayed where they were in Copenhagen and Aarhus because the future was uncertain.”

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Times a changin’
Andersen contended that the higher birth rate in the capital could change soon as more people have a more confident outlook regarding the future economic situation in Denmark.