New app to help homeless in Copenhagen

Copenhelp can be used to find a nearby shelter for the night

A new app that aims to lend a helping hand to the homeless in Copenhagen has been launched by the Danish IT company Zendesk.

The app, which is called, will help the estimated 6,000 homeless people in Denmark to locate their nearest shelter, whether it’s to spend the night out of the cold or tuck into a warm meal.

“We know from our NGO partner Elsk Byen that many homeless people have mobile phones, and this app could be a huge benefit to them in making it through winter,” said Jesper Hvirring Henriksen, the head of development for Zendesk.

“Since we are able to, we want to do something for people who are having a hard time. It’s good karma.”

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The app reveals the person’s own location when the site is accessed and the distance and directions to the nearest shelter.

Copenhelp is a Danish version of Link-SF, an app that Zendesk produced last year for homeless people in San Francisco, where the company is based.