Notorious city harbour bridge delayed yet again

Inderhavnsbroen now won’t open until sometime in 2016

It’s beginning to sound like a bad joke for Copenhagen’s most notorious bridge, the pedestrian and cycle bridge Inderhavnsbroen. Unbelievably, it has been delayed once again.

Originally scheduled to open in 2013, the bridge – which is supposed to link Nyhavn and Christianshavn across the city harbour – now faces issues with its boogie system and won’t be completed until 2016.

“We have always maintained that we won’t compromise on the quality of the bridge,” said Anders Møller, a spokesperson for the technical and environmental department at Copenhagen Municipality.

“So when our testing shows the system isn’t dimensioned correctly and therefore isn’t strong enough, then it will of course need to be changed before the bridge can be used. Even though it will lead to further delays.”

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Legal ramifications
Møller said the new problem will have legal repercussions for the designers of the boogie system once the bridge has been completed.

From bankrupt contractors to problems with the steel and wiring system, the bridge has been delayed a number of times.