Storm Gorm will bring hurricane strength winds to Denmark

All of the country’s bridges could be closed as a result

A storm is expected this evening, affecting the whole of the country, with winds up to hurricane strength in southern parts. Gorm, as the tempest has been designated will bring gusts of up to 40 metres per second on the west coast of Jutland and the road directorate Vejdirektoratet is warning that all of the country’s bridges could be closed, DR reports.

The Little Belt Bridge will be closed to all traffic from 9pm to 11pm this evening and the Svendborgsund Bridge will be closed to all traffic from 10pm to 11pm. A representative of Vejdirektoratet said that there is a risk that the Great Belt Bridge and others could also be closed.

“It will depend a bit on wind direction whether it will just apply for light and high vehicles or if the bridges will be completely closed. We need to wait until a bit nearer the time to be able to say exactly,” the representative said.

Mind your head
The emergency management agency Beredskabsstyrelsen recommends that you keep an eye on how the storm is developing in the course of the day. See the meteorological institute DMI’s (limited) offering in English here.

Lennart Kvist, the head of Beredskabsstyrelsen in northern Jutland gave some general advice for dealing with Gorm.

“It is important that you stay indoors when the storm is at its height so you don’t get hit on the head by flying objects like roofing tiles, broken branches or other loose items,” he said.