Bad form, Gorm as Denmark wakes up to storm debris

Storm Gorm leaves behind downed signs and trees, but no reported injuries

The fast-moving storm dubbed Gorm brought high winds to most of the country last night, downing trees, road signs, some roofs and other structures. No injuries have been reported, but police are still advising caution as some of the debris could still be on the roads.

In north Zealand alone, police received over 200 calls overnight reporting fallen trees.

The powerful storm also raised water levels in several places in the country, and though most bridges are open this morning, officials are keeping an eye on the situation.

Daredevil drivers
Both the Lillebæltsbroerne and  Storebæltsbroen were closed last night during the storm, but police had problems with motorists who insisted on trying to cross anyway.

“It was a challenge to keep motorists away from the bridge while it was closed,”  Hans Jørgen Larsen, the head of security for Funen Police, told DR Nyheder. “People thought they could drive over the bridge, and it required strong negotiating skills to turn them away.”

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Trains better than expected
According to DSB, Gorm will only have a minor effect on train traffic this morning. The rail operator’s website said there will be “limited” delays due to the storm.

On Kystbanen between Copenhagen and Helsingør, a fallen tree will prevent trains from negotiating the Nivå  to Helsingør stretch. A bus replacement service will run instead.

S trains are running as normal, but with some delays, and passengers are advised to check with BornholmerFærgen to see if those departures are back on schedules. IC trains across Funen and Jutland may also be delayed due to fallen trees.