Lagkagehuset looking west: Let them eat cake in Jutland and London

Gourmet bakery chain planning further expansion in coming years

Until now mainly a Copenhagen affair, the exclusive bakery chain Lagkagehuset plans to expand from its current 43 shops to up to 70 in the next year or two, in Jutland and further afield, Jyllands-Posten reports.

Jesper Friis, the CEO of Lagkagehuset, said the company has had success with its previous forays into Jutland.

“We feel well covered in Copenhagen with 25 shops, so we are now looking to have a shop in all of the bigger Danish provincial towns. It’s especially towns in Jutland we’re looking at because we have good experience from the towns in Jutland we’re already in,” he said.

Overseas adventure
The chain has already expanded rapidly since the Norwegian capital fund FSN Capital became an investor in 2008. At that time there were just three locations. FSN Capital currently owns 65 percent of the company, and the ambition for growth hasn’t faltered.

In 2016 Lagkagehuset plans to open a shop in London, and Friis explained that this could be just the start of an overseas adventure.

“If it’s a success in London, we expect to open more shops in London and other cities around the world,” he said.

One hurdle that the company has had with its plan to export the brand has been that the name Lagkagehuset isn’t catchy in English. It has therefore been working on a name to use abroad. According to Friis, this has been chosen, but the company is not making it public yet.