Traditional men are the best lovers, according to female members of an adultery site

Metrosexual men are no longer making the cut

If the female members of adultery website Victoria Milan are to be believed, traditional male lovers are back in fashion in Denmark.

The website reported that a recent survey it conducted of 3,211 of its female members revealed that metrosexual men are falling out of favour with the female population in Denmark – and that ‘real men’ are the next big thing.

Leave the hair dye alone!
Some 8 out of the 10 women said they were looking for a lover to take charge in bed and treat them in ways only a gentleman knows how to.

The women reported that they did not want a man who shaved either his face or his upper body, used hair dye, or cared excessively about his appearance.

No beer bellies, please
However, although the women were gung-ho about the idea of more dominant men, they drew the line at sports and beer bellies – 68 percent said they wished such men were less interested in sport and 59 percent wished they spent more time in the gym and less time downing beer.

The founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said that the growing interest in what he called ‘retrosexual men’ was indicative of women moving away from metrosexual lovers.

“Women want a real man. One that can hold them, protect them, show them how to have fun in the bedroom, and act like the perfect gentleman outside – a man who can take care of a woman’s needs as well as change a light bulb without worrying about when his chest needs to be waxed again,” he said.

Whether the news will lead to some hasty photo switching by its members – thinking less Luke Skywalker, more Chewbacca – remains to be seen.