Dane reports Facebook to police for drug dealing

Revelations of pushers plying their trade on social media enrage Jutland father

Gert Fruelund Jensen from Horsens has had enough of what he sees as Facebook’s inability to police itself and rid its pages of drug dealers, so he has reported the world’s largest social media outlet to the police.

“I am mainly angry about it because I have four children between 16 and 20 years old, and I have seen young people perish due to drugs,” Jensen told Ekstra Bladet.

Jensen said it is up to the police to investigate whether Facebook can be held responsible for drug sales via its platform.

“The police must assess whether Facebook has been briefed about  drug sales to such an extent that they have helped to legitimise a criminal act,” he said.

A call to action
Jensen himself believes that Zuckerberg’s playground is responsible for what happens there.

“Every business comes with a responsibilty,” he said. “If a food producer becomes aware that its product made someone sick, they are obliged to report it to the authorities. Facebook doesn’t feel that it is responsible for anything, and I think that is wrong.”

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Jensen hopes reporting the company to the police will spur on others to do the same.

“Facebook needs to take this seriously,” he said.

Support growing
Other groups have sprung up protesting against drug dealing on Facebook. Steen Søgaard started a Facebook group called ‘No drugs on Facebook’, after viewing the recent documentary  ’Jagten – De nye pushere’, which investigated the illegal trade on social media sites. The group has 3,000 members.

“I am outraged that Facebook does not take responsibility for anything,” said Søgaard. “It’s deplorable that Facebook does not close the groups where they know that drugs sales are going on.”