Danish documentary shortlisted for the Oscars

Joshua Oppenheimer’s ‘The Look of Silence’ among 15 films competing for the 2015 Academy Awards

The Danish documentary film ‘The Look of Silence’ has been shortlisted for the 2015 Academy Awards where it could be in the running for the best documentary feature prize should it survive the final cut.

‘The Look of Silence’ is Joshua Oppenheimer’s sequel to ‘The Act of Killing’ – a documentary that was nominated for the 2013 Oscars.

Exposing genocide in Indonesia
Both films focus on exposing horrifying mass executions of people accused of communism that took place in Indonesia between 1965-66.

‘The Look of Silence’ is the story of a young man, Adi, who survives the genocide and searches for the men who killed his brother.

In the film’s key scenes, we see Adi questioning the perpetrators about the past while he’s measuring their eyesight with optical lenses.

Competing with ‘Amy’ and ‘Meru’
The Danish documentary has been shortlisted along with 14 other films that will be further narrowed down to five nominees in January.

Among its biggest competitors are the documentaries ‘Amy’, ‘Meru’, ‘He named me Malala’, ‘Best of Enemies’, ‘Going clear’ and ‘Heart of the dog’.