Dreaming of a White Christmas? Keep dreaming …

Prognosis not great for Christmas snow

The weather prognosticators at DMI are out with their monthly forecast for December, and things do not look great for snow-lovers at the moment.

“As it looks now, December will look very much like the latter part of November, with windy and relatively mild weather,” DMI meteorologist Trine Pedersen told BT.

But, Petersen said, a flicker of hope for a white Christmas still remains.

“We had snow last weekend,” she said. “It only lasted a day and melted rather quickly, but that’s to be expected at this time of year.”

Miracle needed
Petersen acknowledged that it can get cold and snowy around Christmas. “But it has to hit us perfectly if we are to have a white Christmas.”

In purely statistical terms, the chances of snow at Christmas stand at a paltry 8 percent at the moment.

“So we really need a Christmas miracle,” said Petersen.