Migrants cross Swedish border on inflatable boat

A one-off case or a new trend to avoid border controls? Police not clear

Swedish police have caught five migrants who crossed the Baltic Sea on an inflatable boat to enter the country, writes DR.

The migrants were detained after arriving at the harbour of Skillinge on the southeast coast of Skåne, not far from Bornholm.

It is not clear where they sailed from or what their nationalities are.

Stricter border controls
This is the first known case of migrants choosing this way to enter Sweden after the country decided to impose stricter border controls last month.

The police are not sure if this was just a one-off case or the beginning of a new trend of illegal human trafficking.

According to Jarl Holmström, the operations manager at South Region Police in Sweden, the number of refugees coming to Sweden has decreased following the introduction of stricter border controls.