Morning-after drink driving dangerous

One in six still too tipsy to drive after a night out

Too many drivers are hitting the highways with high blood alcohol levels after thinking they have slept off a boozy night on the town.

One out of every six Danes has been driving with too much alcohol in their blood after waking up from a party and grabbing the wheel, according to a new survey conducted by TNS Gallup for Gjensidige Forsikring and Nykredit Forsikring.

Five percent of those surveyed also admitted to driving drunk without being caught sometime within the past three years.

Still under the influence
Figures from safety advocates Sikker Trafik and road authority Vejdirektoratet show that from 2010 until 2014 over 1000 people have been injured and 187 have been killed in traffic accidents where at least one of the drivers involved was affected by alcohol.

“The influence of alcohol from the night before does not disappear just because you have slept,” Kim Rud Petersen from Gjensidige Forsikring told BT. “It can take several hours after you wake up before blood alcohol levels drop below the legal limit.”

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Petersen reminded drivers that an early morning combo of fatigue and left-over alcohol is a traffic hazard and “just as punishable as drink driving”.