Danish oil company charged with fraud amounting to 24.3 million kroner

Charges of aggravated fraud could lead to jailing of company owners

The Danish fraud office, Statsadvokaten for Særlig Økonomisk og International Kriminalitet (SØIK), has charged a Danish oil company with 24 counts of fraud.

The fraud was allegedly committed between 2010 and 2013 and amounts to 24.3 million kroner, Jyllands-Posten reports. The identity of the company is protected by a gag order.

The case was reported in the media last year after an Asian customer of the company reported it to SØIK. These charges were withdrawn in connection with a settlement between the Danish company and the accuser, but the fraud office continued its investigations and has now independently charged both the company and its owners.

Morten Jakobsen, a state prosecutor at SØIK, characterised the case as serious.

“It is obviously serious when we raise a case of aggravated fraud, and when a professional company appears to do something that isn’t by the book. It is quite a substantial amount at issue,” he said.

The charges against the company’s owner could potentially lead to a sentence of eight years’ imprisonment.