More Danes in need of a helping hand this Christmas

Recordbreaking number of applications for Christmas aid this year

Organisations like the Red Cross, the Blue Cross and the Salvation Army have reportedly received more Christmas aid applications that ever before, proving that many Danes need a little help to get by at Christmas this year.

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Record numbers 
The Blue Cross has reported that it has received 1,157 applications this year – almost twice the number they received last year. Meanwhile, the Red Cross expects about 1,000 more people will apply for aid this year than last. The Salvation Army has received 12,000 applications.

While the applications have been received from people all over the country, Mødrehjælpen has reported that a disproportionate number are from South Jutland.

“By the first Sunday of Advent, we were already up to the same number of applications we received in 2014,” Mads Roke Clausen, the head of Mødrehjælpen, told DR.

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Greater need
Though these organisations all have different criteria about who qualifies for aid,  they share one thing in common: the awareness that more Danes than ever before need help this Christmas.

Christmas aid from these organisations generally comes in the form of a bag of food or a gift card for the supermarket.