Weather improves just in time for Monday

After a miserable weekend, sunshine returns to kick off the new week

Following three days of high winds that caused havoc for Danes trying to enjoy the weekend, things are looking significantly better heading into the new week.

“It will feel like a complete turnaround,” DMI meteorologist Michael Skelbæk told Ekstra Bladet. “The winds will be much diminished today, and the sun will shine. Temperatures could reach 9 degrees, which is pretty warm for December.”

A strange glowing orb in the sky
Most of the country will enjoy sunshine, with a few clouds popping up here and there, particularly later in the day.

“Clouds will move in from the southwest as the sun goes down, so it could get overcast in southern Jutland later in the day,” Skelbæk said.

The lack of clouds holding warmth close to the ground will cause overnight temperatures to fall to near freezing, particularly in the eastern part of the country.

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Tuesday and Wednesday will continue mostly pleasant and unseasonably warm, with a chance of rain during the nighttime hours.

The windy weather will begin to pick up on Thursday, and the weekend looks set to be one of more traditional December weather.