Denmark faces respiratory tract infection epidemic

Children especially at risk

A respiratory tract infection has hit epidemic levels in Denmark. Anyone can be affected by the bacteria called Mycoplasma, but the illness is especially prevalent among children, according to SSI.

“It is a bacterium that can attack all the airways,” Ejvind Mouritsen, a GP in Skjern told DR Nyhder.

“It can cause a sore throat, hoarseness, bronchitis. It could lead to pneumonia and should be actively treated.”

Over the last three weeks of November, about 250 new Mycoplasma cases a week were diagnosed nationally.

“Sufferers should be aware of symptoms like high fever, malaise and shortness of breath,” said Mouritsen.

Cough the other way, please
Mycoplasma is transmitted by coughs and sneezes. Prevention includes good hand hygiene and avoiding infected people in public spaces.

An epidemic of the Mycoplasma infection, which is sometimes erroneously labeled ‘cold pneumonia’, occurs in Denmark about every four to six years.

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The infection occurs most frequently in autumn and early winter.