Fellatio on a banana the final straw, claims CBS student

Business school fresher alleges shocking details about business school’s trip to the woods

A female Copenhagen Business School (CBS) student was asked to simulate oral sex and ‘build a vagina’ whilst participating in a freshers’ trip at the start of the semester, reports Djøfbladet.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her boundaries were crossed when she was asked to perform a pretend blowjob on a banana that one of her male classmates was holding between his legs.

When she decided to take part in a five-day freshers’ trip with her classmates on the ‘Business, ­Language and Culture’ course, she thought it would be a great opportunity to make a few new friends.

“It started fine and I thought it was fun being with new friends. We played football, cooked together and did all kinds of academic activities during the day,” she told Djøfbladet.

Special orienteering 
“However, after three days things changed during an orienteering event in the woods, during which we had to complete various tasks,” she recalled.

“At one checkpoint, our tutors were dressed in sexy pajamas and bunny ears and we had to build a vagina out of a condom, two sponges and a plastic glass. Then we had to pour a lot of oil on it and put fingers inside. Very strange.”

And then out popped the bananas.

“The boys were asked to put bananas between their legs as a penis and girls were asked to kneel in front of them and see how deep they could swallow the bananas. That was really sexist and crossed my boundaries,” she continued.

“The boys just stood there and giggled. I and a few other girls didn’t think it was okay. It was very demeaning.  Some people even filmed us on their phones.”

Downgraded to sex objects
At the final party, male and female students were divided and while the girls performed a rap song to the boys, the boys shouted at them “Fuck you! Whores!” according to the distressed student.

The male students were then asked to pick the three girls they most wanted to have sex with.

“Once again we were downgraded to things you can have sex with and were judged according to how we look. That was not fun at all.”

I went along
The student also said the tour leaders stripped for selected students.

“I was drunk like most of the others, but I didn’t think it was fun,” the student noted.

“However, I didn’t dare to go against the group. After all, it was my first encounter with my classmates. So, I went along with the games even though I didn’t really feel like it.”

Totally unacceptable
Per Holten-Andersen, the headmaster at CBS, is currently in the process of investigating the allegations.

“If the truth is anything like the statements in Djøfbladet, then it is completely unacceptable both for a freshers’ trip and also for CBS’s code of conduct and ethics,” Holten-Andersen told TV2 Lorry.