EU Commission: let Netflix and HBO customers access programs from all over Europe

Europeans should be allowed to use online streaming services even when travelling

The European Commission has officially unveiled a plan to ban geo-blocking and filtering restrictions across the EU.

According to the new proposal, online streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Nordic will be required to allow users access to their accounts from all EU countries.

“The regulation on cross-border portability of online content services will ensure that Europeans who have purchased films, series, sports broadcasts, games or e-books online while at home can access them when they travel across the EU,” states the commission.

Single digital market
As it is now, paying customers are often unable to use their accounts – or with restrictions when travelling to other European countries.

The proposal is the EU’s first step towards creating a single digital market and has yet to be discussed at the EU Parliament and the European Council.

If accepted it will come into effect in 2017.