Dansk Folkeparti now supports reduced housing benefit for pensioners

The party previously heavily criticised the plan

Despite promising the opposite, Dansk Folkeparti has voted in favour of the government’s proposal to reduce housing benefits for pensioners, reports DR.

If the government bill is accepted, most pensioners could lose up to 8,000 kroner of their housing support annually. This is estimated to affect 150,000 to 175,000 elderly people.

However, some could be liable to lose up to 30,000 kroner per year.

Less support for the poorest
According to Ældre Sagen (the DaneAge Association), the poorest will be affected the most.

“Typically, these are the people who move into retirement homes or nursing homes,” Bjarne Hastrup, the head of Ældre Sagen, explained to DR.

The cuts will immediately affect all pensioners who will move to a retirement or nursing home after July 2016, while the current residents will have their benefits phased out over the next 5 years.