“Not welcome” signs hung on the walls of new asylum centre

Some of the people on Funen are obviously not happy about the new arrivals

Between 60 and 70 asylum-seekers will arrive at a new asylum centre in the town of Nyborg on Funen today. The centre has been set up at Strandvænget, which had previously been a facility for the disabled.

However, not everyone in Nyborg appears ready to welcome the total of 500 asylum-seekers scheduled to move into the building.

Overnight, someone hung signs throughout the building saying, in Danish, things like: “Asylum centre, no thanks”, “Not welcome” and “We said no.”

Not everybody
Centre co-ordinator Marianne Stentebjerg does not believe the negative message reflects the opinion of the entire town of Nyborg.

“This is one small voice,” she told DR Fyn. “The great majority of people in Nyborg welcome the asylum-seekers, and we get many requests every day from people who want to help.”

Nyborg’s mayor, Kenneth Muhs, said the signs are an indication there are different views on the issue of asylum in his town.

“We are going to have to accept there are different points of view,” he said.

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The cleaning staff worked through the night to get rooms in the centre ready so that the first asylum-seekers can move in shortly after noon today.