No more tax refunds for less than 200 kroner

The Danish tax authority should not send checks for 1 kroner, proposes tax minister

The Danish tax authority SKAT should only send out checks for a minimum of 200 kroner when paying back tax refunds, proposes the tax minister, Karsten Lauritzen.

Under the current rules, there is no minimum limit for the payment of tax refunds, and taxpayers can therefore receive checks for as little as 1 krone.

Waste of resources
Lauritzen believes sending checks for small amounts is a waste of resources, especially if taxpayers do not redeem their checks, in which case SKAT has to pay 190 kroner for the transaction.

The 200 kroner limit would only apply to citizens and businesses that do not have a NemKonto.

Lauritzen based his proposal on the current expenses and on results from a survey in which 78.3 percent of respondents confirmed they would make the effort to redeem checks worth 200 kroner or more.