UN Committee Against Torture criticises Denmark for putting minors in solitary confinement

Closure of Iraq Committee also signalled out for censure

The UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) on Wednesday published its recommendations to the Danish government regarding the prevention of and fight against torture, reported Politiken.

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The new report was released just in time for today’s anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly 67 years ago in Paris.

Few areas of concern
The CAT generally praised Denmark for its active involvement in the fight against torture and for protecting human rights.

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However, the CAT heavily criticised the Danish practice of putting minors in solitary confinement and the closing of the Iraq Commission that was supposed to shed light on how Danish soldiers treated war prisoners, both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The committee is also concerned that Denmark does not have an adequate screening system for identifying potential victims of torture among asylum-seekers.