Credit card abuse and identity theft spiking

Cybercrime reports double in just one year

While crime in Denmark is overall on the decline, one area is booming. The number of reports of online credit card fraud, phishing emails and other types of attempted identity theft have doubled just since last year.

In 2014, the police received 5,628 reports of attempted computer fraud. In just the first three quarters of 2015, the number has shot up to 8,775 reports, according to the latest figures from the national police force Rigspolitiet.

“It is a big increase,” deputy police inspector Claus Birkelyng from the Copenhagen police department for economic crimes told Jyllands-Posten. “We are focusing on this area.”

Better tools, more access
Senior lawyer Anette Høyrup from the Danish consumer council, Forbrugerrådet Tænk  said that there needs to be more political focus on cybercrime.

“Unfortunately, this high figure and large increase confirms our fears,” said Høyrup. “We need greater political focus on the area – especially more public information on what someone can do to avoid internet fraud.”

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Høyrup wants to see a special authority established with the main responsibility to inform and receive citizen inquiries about cybercrime.