Snow possible in some parts of the country

Temperatures will determine whether precipitation will fall as snow or rain

Those who like snow may get a chance to rejoice today. DMI is predicting that snow could fall across much of the country.

“There have been night frosts across most of the country,” Dan Nilswall from DMI told Ekstra Bladet.

One degree of separation
If the temperatures stay around the freezing point, snow could begin falling, first in Jutland, and then across the rest of the country.

“There is a front lying over the North Sea that will bring precipitation to Jutland that will start as rain, but as the front moves across the country, it could turn into sleet and snow,” said Nilswall.

The amount of snow could vary from one to six centimetres. Although it isn’t expected to hang around too long, the snow – should it show up – could cause some icy roads over the next day or two.

Temperatures will start rising again on Thursday, with temperatures getting as high as 10 degrees in some places.