Local News in Brief: KOKS popping up in the city

A pop-up restaurant, a car in the harbour and an unsolved shooting

KOKS popping up in the city
Restaurant KOKS, a gourmet restaurant from the Faroe Islands will pop up in Copenhagen for nine weeks next year.

KOKS, which has been a smash on the Faroes for five years with its unique combinations of local ingredients, including seaweed and sea urchins, will move into the locale of  Den Vandrette in Havnegade from 3 March until 30 April next year.

Last year’s dining guide ‘Den Danske Spiseguide’ called KOKS the best Nordic restaurant.


Man shot still in Køge hospital, no suspects
A 22-year-old man brought into Køge Hospital with gunshot wounds in the throat on Monday night remains in a critical condition.

The man was brought in by three people shortly after 7 pm, who dropped him off and then drove away.

When they returned a short time later, they were questioned and released by police who decided they had nothing to do with the shooting.

Police know that the man was shot somewhere in Zealand

“We do not yet know the motive for the shooting,” South Zealand Police said in a statement.


Kids sink a Beemer
Copenhagen Police fished three young men out of Sydhavnen last night after they managed to drive a BMW into the harbour.

The trio had managed to eluded police until the driver of the car apparently lost control of the vehicle and dumped it into a canal near Sjællandsbroen.

“Officers found three soaked young men who had escaped the car and made it onto dry land,” Henrik Brix from Copenhagen Police told DR  Nyheder.

Police did not say whether the car had been stolen, but did say that the three joyriders had not been seriously hurt beyond their unscheduled dunk in the harbour.