Danish citizen in custody over claims he fought for IS in Syria

The 23-year-old man has been officially charged with promoting terrorist activities

Denmark charged its first citizen accused of aiding and abetting the terror organisation Islamic State on Tuesday.

DR reported that the 23-year-old man most likely joined IS during a 2013 trip to Syria.

In custody
After attempting to leave the country in March of this year, he was also the first person whose passport was confiscated after rules granting authorities the right to issue travel bans to people suspected of travelling to Syria came into effect.

DR reported that the man remained in custody for months without public knowledge while the authorities conducted an investigation.

Pizza and Jihad
According to DR, authorities received a tip-off about him a few days before he was arrested. The source claimed he had made positive statements about IS and jihad in Syria to a group of young boys at a pizza parlour.

“He works with an incredible clarity on how the world and situation appear to him. It cannot, in our view, be ruled out that he can find some way to launch some form of attack against the Danish government or interests at home and abroad,” said a statement from the police.

He has been charged with intent to recruit for IS, supporting a terrorist organisation financially and promoting terrorist activities.

The man, who also holds Turkish citizenship, faces a jail sentence greater than four years and a possible revoking of his Danish citizenship.