Record number of students participating in ‘Reversed Advent Calendar’

Every school day in December, children do good deeds to support poverty-stricken kids

A record number of 19,700 students from Danish public schools have joined the ‘Reversed Advent Calendar’ charity project organised by SOS Børnebyerne in order to support poor kids in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Nepal, reports DR.

Every school day in December, the children watch a video story about poverty-stricken kids from around the world and commit to doing good deeds at home to earn pocket money they donate to SOS Børnebyerne’s initiatives.

Kids enjoy helping
The Advent calendar is called ‘reversed’ because instead of getting some small treat every day, the pupils give a little of themselves.

“Children have a great ability to get immersed in things, and it is often more than we give them credit for,” said Niclas Dalby Kristiansen, a teacher at Hald Ege school near Viborg.

“That’s why there are so many kids who wish to help.”

The annual project was first launched in 2013, when some 3,600 students took part.