Slippery roads a risk in some areas of Denmark this morning

Northern regions in the country could be especially icy

Commuters in northern Jutland, northern Zealand and on Bornholm could encounter icy roads, pavements and bike paths this morning.

Air temperatures in north Zealand and on Bornholm are just about at the freezing point, while road temperatures remain below freezing in some places.

The ambient air dew point temperature, which is a measure of the water content in the air, is just above 0 degrees, creating a risk of frost on the cold road surfaces.

Clear skies, cold temps
Skies above northern Zealand and on Bornholm were clear overnight, allowing temperatures to drop low enough to create some ice this morning.

Clouds will move slowly across the northern regions and Bornholm today, helping temperatures rise and chasing away the ice on Zealand by late morning. Some spots on Bornholm could remain slippery until close to noon.