Drones are smashing Xmas hit at Danish stores

Meanwhile, the government proposes new rules for operating the unmanned machines

Drones are the big hit of this year’s Christmas season, reports DR.

According to Dansk Supermarked and the country’s largest electronic retailers, Power and Elgiganten, sales have skyrocketed and the ‘flying toys’ are among the top-selling products for Christmas presents.

“We can safely say that they are a surefire hit for Christmas presents,” Frederik Danvig, the communications manager at Elgiganten, told DR.

“Drones have been in the top ten of the most sold products for November and December.”

Able to record videos
Compared to November and December last year, sales have increased by 50 percent, said Danvig.

Drones are defined as wireless devices that can fly or drive, which are controlled, for example, by applications on smartphones.

In some cases, they can take photos and record videos.

“Our customers particularly demand the more expensive camera drones that cost about 1,000 kroner, and they especially go for the ones with a good camera and wifi,” Martin Møller Aamand, a communications consultant at Dansk Supermarked, told DR.

Regulations for use
Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Danish government proposed a new bill that regulates the use of drones.

A drone can weigh a maximum of 25 kg. Those heavier than 15 kg can only be used in areas especially designed for model-flying and have to be insured.

Drones are only allowed to fly at a maximum height of 100 metres and users have to always be able to see the machines.

Flying above people is not allowed, and people’s lives and private property should not be put at risk.

Owners are not allowed to take photos or videos of private gardens, roads and places.

Drones must be kept at least 8 km from military airports, 5 km from public airports and 150 metres from busy roads and built-up areas.