Every fourth Danish man born in 1965 has been convicted of a crime

Crime numbers dropping overall, but something went awry in the mid-60s

One out of every four Danish men born in 1965 has been convicted of at least one criminal offence during his lifetime, according to new findings by Danmarks Statistik.

“Most of the men born in 1965 convicted of a crime were guilty of burglary, theft, robbery or vandalism,” Lisbeth Lavrsen from Danmarks Statistik told DR Nyheder.

Only 8 percent of women born in 1965 have been convicted of breaking the law

Crime numbers generally lower
This, the first study of its type, measured the proportion of lawbreakers found in the population under the age of 50.

The number of reported crimes fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2014. There were 406,163 criminal offences reported last year, compared to 429,293 in 2013 – a decline of 5 percent.

The number of reported crimes involving children under the age of criminal responsibility has also fallen.

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In 2014, there were nine reports per 1,000 inhabitants aged 10 to 14. Five years ago, that number was 16 per 1,000.