Head lice outbreak in central and west Jutland

Parents gotta get combing, says an expert

An outbreak of head lice has hit several municipalities in central and west Jutland.

Sales of products that combat the parasites have exploded in the region and are especially sought after in Herning, Ikast-Brande, Thisted, Morsø and Skive.

Time to comb
It is not clear why the lice epidemic broke out in this region, but Mathilde Meyer, the marketing manager at the Swedish pharmaceutical company Meda, said that parents have to take action to stop the spread.

“It’s important that all parents unite and say: ‘This Friday we’re combing and checking the kids,’” Meyer told DR Nyheder.

If you are unsure whether your child or another family member has lice, you should check them thoroughly over the next few days, but only treat them if you find live lice in their hair.

Lice can be treated by using a special lice comb and a product called Linicin.

For effective treatment, comb through the infected hair once a day for two weeks.