Roskilde Festival donates over 1 million kroner to Christmas cheer

Lucie Rychla
December 17th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Refugees, homeless people and lonely children will have a merrier Christmas thanks to money from festival-goers

The Roskilde Festival is donating 1,150,000 kroner to ten charity organisations in a bid to support activities for lonely and vulnerable children and adolescents over the Christmas season.

Last summer, over 100,000 people bought a ticket to the festival that is proud of its strong community character.

Giving back
In a bid to give back, Roskilde Festival donates a share of  its profits to humanitarian and cultural organisations that are actively working to create better living conditions for the socially-vulnerable.

The money will be divided among Røde Kors, Foreningen Grønlandske Børn, Spilopperne, Kofoeds Kælder, INSP!, Fundamentet, Frelsens Hær, Børnenes Kontor, Kafe Klaus and Mødrehjælpen.

Thanks to the donations, Red Cross together with Avnstrup Asylum Centre will be able to host a festive evening with food and a concert for 300 young refugees, while Kofoeds Kælder will invite 60 young homeless people to the cinema and a dinner.


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