Over 30,000 Danes don’t have a toilet at home

Cheap housing is more important to some than sanitation, says an expert

Figures from Danmarks Statistik show that more than 30,000 Danes do not have direct access to a toilet, reports Metroxpress.

Some 88,846 Danes do not have their own bathroom, and more than 17,740 have no kitchen or just own a cooker.

According to Morten Skak, a housing researcher at the University of Southern Denmark, it is mostly apartments in large Danish cities that lack sanitation facilities.

It’s cheaper
Skak said people who accept such living conditions usually cannot afford to pay high rent.

“If a person can live with sharing a toilet with a neighbour or taking a shower in the basement, then he will pay a much lower rent,” Ann Lehmann Erichsen, a consumption economist at Nordea Bank, told Metroxpress.

Claus Bech-Danielsen, an architecture professor at Aalborg University, called the bathroom “the last bastion of privacy”, arguing that having to go without one can be detrimental to one’s quality of life.