CPH Career: Christmas – a time to capitalise

A year of consulting has gone by, and I am happy to be closing 2015 on a positive note after receiving great feedback from both jobseekers and those who have successfully found employment.

But for those of you who have still not received an interview invitation or obtained your dream job, my Christmas/New Year advice is: STAY ALERT!

Rich prospects in January
December is a month when almost everybody is ‘in’ the holiday mood – regardless of whether they are employed or a jobseeker. And there’s nothing wrong about that.

The first two weeks of January are also unofficially holiday time (I guess the skiers amongst you know better). Therefore it is kind of safe to assume that many companies resume regular operations around mid-January – the time when employers come back to the applications sent over Christmas.

However, it’s important to be aware that at the end of the calendar year, HR departments tend to make decisions regarding their targeted hiring for the first quarter of 2016. Accordingly, their open positions tend to be posted in a timeframe around the 15th of the month with a deadline not long after.

A distinct advantage
Given these conditions, (from which I have personally benefited), there are some pretty good job offers around Christmas time, for which very few people apply.

Why do I say few people? Well, most people travel home for Christmas and successfully switch off their job-seeking radar, while the others who do not travel are embedded in a holiday spirit with too many julefrokosts to attend!

The right candidates
Remember that it is no coincidence that these jobs get listed around this time of year. Publishing open positions around Christmas time allows companies to gain access to exactly the kind of prospective employees who are ‘awake’ and ‘alert’ enough to make that kind of application.

It can demonstrate deep strategic thinking and that you would be a good fit for the company. Moreover, offices are quieter around the holidays, with employees in fewer meetings, so there is a good chance you’ll be able to reach a decision-maker on the phone (who would normally not have the time to answer) and make a good first impression.

Therefore, keep an eye out, with your CV and application letter ready to pounce once you see that awesome job offer. It might very well turn into a fantastic belated Christmas gift!