Mødrehjælpen distributes Christmas help to record number of children this year

For 4,946 children and their families, this Christmas will be a special one

4,946 children and their families have received Christmas aid from Mødrehjælpen this year – an increase of 11 percent from last year.

Merry Christmas!
“We are pleased that we reached our goal of providing Christmas assistance to all eligible applicants.
We help families with difficult economic conditions, where children already suffer deprivation in everyday life. We are proud that we help make Christmas a joyful experience for these families,” Mads Roke Clausen, director of Mødrehjælpen, said in a press release.

To be eligible for Christmas aid, the families must document that they have children living at home (or are a very tight-knit family if they don’t) and that they have low disposable incomes.

“We are very grateful and humble for the great support we have received from the Danes – from foundations, volunteers, businesses and individuals. Without their support it would never have been possible for us to provide Christmas assistance to all eligible applicants,” Clausen added.