Prince Joachim’s ex-girlfriend passes away at 48

The 48 year old passed away at Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm on Monday

BT reported today that Iben Kadziola, who was Prince Joachim’s girlfriend from 1990-1995, died of cancer on Monday.

The 48-year-old passed away at Svanevig Hospice in Bandholm on Lolland after a protracted fight against the disease.

Her husband, Thomas Plesner Birch Kadziola, confirmed the news.

“She would have survived to this day if the doctor had listened to her when she said she had cancer. It is a disgrace and an excellent example of how doctors should listen a little more to their patients,” he said to BT.

Hold on to belief
In mid-2014, Kadziola announced on Facebook that she had been diagnosed with the illness.

“I hold on to the belief that research one day will have proper treatment for my cancer,” she wrote.

She was interviewed by the magazine Femina just over a year ago. She used the platform to talk about being happily married to her husband despite her ongoing struggles with cancer.

There was something completely wrong. I have always been very active and had even begun to run a little. But I could not understand why my back was so insanely sore every time I moved. So I went to a great chiropractor. The third time the chiropractor said ‘Iben, this is not my area of expertise. May I write to your doctor?’” she said in the interview.