Four fewer days off in 2016

Several Danish public holidays fall on weekends next year

Danes will have four fewer days off to enjoy next year, reports Metroxpress.

Several public holidays fall on weekends and because of the leap year, Danes also have to go to work on Monday February 29.

As usually, Danes will get their day off on January 1, on Maudy Thursday (March 24), Good Friday (March 25) and the Easter Monday (March 28), on the Great Prayer Day (April 22), on the Ascension Thursday (May 5), on Whitmonday (May 16) and on the Second Day of Christmas that falls on Monday December 26.

However, four public holidays fall on one of the weekend days next year — May 1, the Constitution Day (June 5), and the Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.

In total, Danes can enjoy extra 7 days off thanks to public holidays in 2016, compared to 11 days in 2015 and 13 in 2014.