MP calls for more precise count of asylum-seekers

Mattias Tesfaye says a monthly tally is just not enough

Mattias Tesfaye, a member of parliament for Socialdemokraterne, has asked the integration minister, Inger Støjberg, to give more frequent and accurate accounting of the number of people seeking asylum in Denmark.

“The Swedish public is getting day-by-day totals. I want the same from Støjberg,” Tesfaye tweeted.

He said that it is not fair that the Danish public is not getting updated numbers from the immigration service, Udlændingestyrelsen.

Tesfaye pointed out that Migrationsverket, the Swedish version of Udlændingestyrelsen, does a much better job at informing the public via a constantly updated website.

In Denmark, the figures are only updated monthly.

Anything Sweden can do…
“We have to get these details as precisely and detailed as possible so that the entire Danish society and Parliament have the most updated picture of how the situation is evolving,” Tesfaye told DR.

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Tesfaye said that if Sweden can provide updated and accurate numbers of asylum-seekers, “it can also be done in Denmark”.