Danish students hacked into school computer to erase absence records

Two young men have been sentenced to a month of suspended prison

Two young men have been handed 30-day suspended sentences and fines of 2,000 and 1,000 kroner for hacking into a school IT system at Tietgen Handelsgymnasium near Odense, reports DR.

They used the login of one of the school teachers to erase the absenteeism records of students who paid for their service.

The hacking took place from August to November 2014.

Fun turned into business
What started as ‘fun’ eventually turned into a business, and the offenders made about 1,600 kroner from students who wished to have their absenteeism  deleted from the school system.

Fourteen students took advantage of the service. While some got it for free, others paid up to 550 kroner.

Arrest came as a shock
One of the accused, a 19-year-old man, said he did not think of the consequences and was shocked when the police arrested him.

The other admitted committing a crime and said he needed the money.

The students who had their school files changed will stand at court in Odense today and tomorrow.