Danish hospital drama: Police use truncheons against threatening mob

Hospital staff were afraid of aggressive visitors

A group of about 25-30 people visiting an elderly patient at Slagelse Hospital became angry and aggressive after the staff asked them if they could please break into smaller groups to visit the patient. The mob became so unruly that hospital staff retreated to a staff room and called the police

“We received a call from the staff at about 7:30 pm,” Bo Georg Petersen from South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police told BT. “They said that the visitors had become threatening and aggressive.”

Crowd control
Tempers were still high when the police arrived at the hospital, and officers were forced to use truncheons on several of the visitors, after which the mob broke up.

“On their way out, they smashed a patrol car window,” said Petersen.

Three people have been charged: two with the serious disturbance of public order and a third with violence and making threats against a public official.