Aarhus parents miffed about proposed kindergarten measures

Parents believe children should not be the ones paying the price for proposed budget cuts

Parents in Aarhus have banded together to sign a petition that voices their concern about a new savings proposal being debated by Aarhus Municipality.  The petition has 1,600 signatures so far.

More expensive in the long run
If passed, the proposal by Aarhus Municipality, which is part of efforts to save 265 million kroner in 2016, may require nursery children to begin kindergarten a full two months earlier than they do now. It has been met with criticism from the parents of the children in question.

“Children should not start kindergarten before they are ready for it just because politicians need money,” said Mette Bach Larsen from Aarhus Parents Representation.

And though Larsen agrees the money needs to be saved in order to meet new government re-prioritisation measures, she does not believe children should pay the price.

“Yes, you could say [that the money needs to be saved], but you could also say that it is inappropriate to [make the children pay]. It will be more expensive in the long run,” DR quoted her as saying.

Municipal councillor Bünyamin Simsek (Venstre), meanwhile, told media he does not wish to comment on the matter while the consultations are still in progress.