Morning traffic across Denmark affected by snow

Get out early, says roads administration

Morning commuters across Denmark are dealing with the effects of snow that started falling last night and continues this morning in some parts of the country

“Except for Bornholm, there are no parts of the country not dealing with the effects of the snow,” Kenneth Krohn Oldgreen from the roads administration Vejdirektoratet told DR Nyheder.

Moving east
The snowstorm moved from southwestern Jutland last night, onto Funen, and then across Zealand.

“Jutland and Funen have been hit hard, and the snow is also beginning to leave  its mark on the Vestmotorvejen in Zealand, Køge Bugt motorway and motorways 3 and 4,” said Oldgreen.

“We are working at full speed with ploughs and salt cars, which makes it challenging for drivers,” said Oldgreen. “There is the risk that we have to clear roads where people are driving, so we encourage people to give themselves extra time.”

There have been several accidents already this morning, and motorists are warned to be especially careful on bridges and overpasses.