Manchester United fans in uproar over Danish club’s prices

FC Midtjylland charging 710 kroner – three times what they asked from Southampton fans

The outcry in the English media has been deafening. The Europeans are to blame, again, but this time it’s not EU-related or connected to the refugee crisis, it’s FC Midtjylland’s fault.

The Superliga champions are charging Manchester United fans 710 kroner to watch the forthcoming Europa League clash between the sides on February 18.

An unsaintly rise?
The English media have voiced strong disapproval, as have the fans, pointing out that Southampton’s fans only had to pay 220 kroner to watch a EL qualifier earlier at the MCH Arena in the season.

Due to the limited capacity of the stadium, only 800 tickets have been allocated to the travelling fans.

One fan, @cyrus_ghandian, couldn’t hold his emotions on Twitter, writing: “£71 for FC Midtjylland away?!? More than triple the price of Wolfsburg? Never mind, will go to the next round when we face FC Bullshlaken.”

Below market value
FCM were unrepentant. “I can understand that it’s expensive for a United fan to see FC Midtjylland and that they are angry themselves. But that’s how it is,” explained Jacob Jørgensen, the club’s commercial director, on the club’s website.

“We are in competition with Manchester United to move forward, and their huge turnover and amounts of TV money are so much greater than ours. I think we put up a very fair price, as we could easily sell out even if we made it 1,500-2,000 kroner per ticket.”