Cut our SU, not the quality!

Every second student in Denmark would rather receive less of their student allowance SU than cut the budget of education institutions, according to a study by the think-tank DEA.

DEA asked students in all the Nordic countries where saving money would make the most sense: downsizing the budget for student grants or giving less to the institutions.

Contrary to peers
While some 56 percent of the Danish respondents said lowering the SU would be a better option, in Sweden, Norway and Finland, a majority of the students had the opposite opinion.

“What the Danish students really say is that they want to receive a high quality education even if it would affect their living standards,” Stina Wrong Elias, the executive manager at DEA, told Politiken.

In 2015, the Danish government decided universities and colleges would have to save up 8.7 billion kroner by 2019.