Their head-banging, finger-bleeding, face-melting all!

Kataklysm heading awesome death metal triple bill

The walls of Vega will be put to the test as three established death metal groups unleash their sound upon the people of Denmark.

Kataklysm are headlining, and no matter where they perform, they always give it their all: their head-banging, finger-bleeding, face-melting all.

It is often questioned how their members manage to have the energy to walk off stage at the end of their concerts. Their consistently insane performances give you death metal as it should be: raw and full-on.

This two-decade-old Canadian band refer to their style as “northern hyperblast”, and after a minute of listening to their intense drum lines you absolutely understand why.

Kataklysm will be performing songs both old and new, including tracks from their latest 2015 album Of Ghosts and Gods, which recieved generally good reviews from critics.

Greek support group Septicflesh, who will begin proceedings, have a sound that is extremely similar to the headliners and should provide a great way to warm up. It is their first visit to Copenhagen for two years.

Hailing from Belgium, but with quite an international line-up (Belgian, US and Dutch), Aborted will then follow. Once again, expect some fireworks.

Tickets are selling out fast so make sure you get your hands on one before they all go.