Freezing temperatures forecasted for the next 10 days

Denmark will be affected by cold air from the northeast and low pressure systems drifting in from the North Sea and Germany

After a mild start to the second week of January, the weather in Denmark will get bitingly cold, reports the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Over the next ten days, temperatures are forecasted to be continually below zero (down to -5 degrees during the day) as cold air comes in from the northeast.

This weekend is predicted to be particularly chilly, with temperatures dropping down to minus 10-15 degrees at night.

“It depends on how cloudy it is. If we get a quiet night with some snow on the ground and clear skies, it could be extremely chilly,” Henning Gisselø, a duty meteorologist at DMI, told Ekstra Bladet.

Chance of snow
There may also be some snow, especially in the southern and western regions, due to low pressure systems heading to Denmark from the North Sea and Germany.

Motorists are advised to drive cautiously as there may be icy patches on the roads.

Typical January temperatures are usually around the freezing point, but over the past 10 years they have been on average 1.5 degrees higher.

The last time the average temperature in January fell below zero was in 2010.