Fewer dagpenge recipients placed on back-to-work schemes in Denmark

The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions is concerned

The participation rate in back-to-work schemes in Denmark has fallen by a quarter among those on dagpenge (insured unemployment) over the last two years, reports Altinget.

Recent reforms brought an end to courses that many considered absurd and meaningless, but there are now real concerns that fewer people on dagpenge are taking opportunities that could increase their chances of getting a job, claims the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO).

According to LO, the percentage of people on dagpenge who participated in a program has fallen from 18 percent at the start of 2014 to 13.8 percent.

LO is concerned that meaningful forms of activation such as subsidised jobs, internships and education are not being offered often enough to those on dagpenge.

The participation rate among those on kontanthjælp (basic benefits) has also fallen a little lately, but remains at a much healthier 26.1 percent.