Denmark’s justice minister vows to investigate background of men accused of sexual harassment

Pind aims to find out if culture plays a role in cases of sexual assault

The justice minister, Søren Pind, has stated he will conduct a thorough examination of the cultural background of the men in Denmark who have recently been accused by some women of sexually harassing them in nightclubs.

Cultural influence
Pind has stated that he aims to understand how much of an effect their cultural background had on their actions.

“There has long been talk that there is an over-representation of migrants in the statistics of men who commit sexual offenses. Other studies indicate that it is immigrants and not their descendants who constitute the majority of the over-representation,” he said, saying that he intended to find out how much of the myths were true.

Several initiatives under way
Pind already has several initiatives under way to curb instances of sexual harassment and rape. He has called for such cases to be fast-tracked through court and will now look more closely at those offenders who are from a foreign background.

“We will have some clear data analysis. Who are we talking about? Is there a cultural influence?” DR quoted him as saying.